…Why This Project?

“100 Muslim Women Speak About Themselves” is a series proposed and directed by
Caroline Fourest and Fiammetta Venner. 100 small films – of 8 to 12 minutes – on the
lives of 100 Muslim women that we want to put at the disposal of all, in the form of an
exhibition, a website, and an application for mobile telephones.

…Why Women?

Because their status, their experience and their outlook affords a better view of a society: its structure, its beginning, its evolution.

…Why “Muslims”?

Because we too often have the tendency not to listen to Muslim women speak except on the occasion of tragic events, through the prism of oppression, we have imagined a place
where we could show the diversity of a more complex daily existence.

… Why 100 ?

Because the multiplication of views and existences seems to us to be the best way of restoring that plurality, far from the single and monolithic image of “the Muslim woman”.

How Do We Choose?

We didn’t choose. We tried to relay the speech of known women as long as more anonymous women. Through these women, we discover regions and professions: marionette-maker in Indonesia, laborer in the cradle of the Nile, manager of a vineyard at the Syrian border, theologian in
Egypt, trade unionist in Iraq, painter in Pakistan…

Of what do we speak?

Of everything: of their countries and their futures, of their daily lives, of their joys and of their
pains. We cover subjects like childhood, maternity, woman’s identity within her society, economic life. We also try to bring them to imagine that which they could dream for themselves,
for their future.

We have already shot in sixteen countries

South Africa, Algeria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Egypt, Denmark, Finland, France, Great Britain, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Libya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Turkey

We expect also to shoot in…

Tunisia, Malaysia, Morocco, Iran

A Representative Sample of a Certain Cultural Diversity

We made the choice to consider statistical balance in geographical terms. We made a detailed study of the number of Muslims according to each region (see the table below). Following that distribution, our objective is to interview: 15 women from Sub-Saharan Africa, 56 women originally from Asia, 5 women originally from the former Soviet Union, 5 women from North Africa, 5 women from Europe and Turkey, and 14 women from the Arab Middle East.

On the other hand, we abandoned all representative statistics concerning professions, social
milieus, and cultural practices. Otherwise, in light of their overrepresentation, we would essentially be able to interview only rural Asian women. But, we want to show that Muslim women have very diverse personalities, that they are artists, novelists, scientists, athletes, sportswomen, elected representatives, activists, intellectuals, peasants, shopkeepers, and housewives.

The Promotion of Religious Minorities

We chose to uncover atypical religious profiles little known within Islam. In giving voice to Alevis, Kharijites, Ismailis, women imams, Sufis….

  • 70 films have been shot. 40 have been edited.  We need your help to achieve the project



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